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Work as an operator in Catena information center

Easy work, great pay!

Modern office

Our information center creates a comfortable work environment. Each operator has his or her own workstation with a computer, phone, and headset. On both night and day shifts, workers can enjoy lunch or take a break in our cozy tea room. We also provide information center operators with medical insurance at the company's expense.

Schedule: day/night/48
Payment for each received call
Free training
Medical insurance

Convenient schedule

Those who appreciate the opportunity to manage their own time can work at home. At home, operators can work at their own pace without relying on a set schedule. They don't have to waste time commuting to the office and can choose for themselves when to take orders.

Flexible work schedule
Payment for each received call
Free training
Simple work procedures


Register orders

Consult clients

No experience? We'll train you

Before starting work, all of our operators undergo a training program, learn what to do in various situations, and learn information center standards.



Good diction

Articulate speech


Information center location:

Mukhiani Micro-District, Tbilisi, Georgia

Workplace requirements

  • Desk in a quiet room with good lighting.
  • Comfortable chair.
  • Headphones with a microphone and volume controller.

Computer and hardware

  • Dedicated Internet connection at least 2 Mbps (not a mobile connection).
  • Desktop computer or laptop:
    • — Windows 8.1 operating system or higher;
    • — processor (CPU at least 1.8 GHz);
    • — RAM at least 4Gb.

We guarantee our employees

Steady income

Improve your skills and you'll increase your pay.


Timely payment for your work.